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III OIC Youth Scientific Congress
6-9 November 2024

The unified platform will involve 100 young researchers from Russia and OIC countries in the scientific dialogue aiming at the technological and innovative development of all participating countries.

Discussions include the most actual research problems in wellbeing and education, biomedicine and biotechnology, petroleum technologies, international relations and law, architecture and design.
We are a youth organization, which provides systemic support to young people engaged in international youth cooperation in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Our Goal is to develop multilateral systemic cooperation between the youth of Tatarstan and the global community.
Our activities
  • Educating people to be diplomats in everyday life
  • Introducing Tatarstan's youth to the culture and ethics of different countries
  • Organizing events and projects
  • Sharing interesting facts about the world, diplomacy and international relations in social media
  • Maintaining an informal educational platform on international relations
  • Building links with young people and youth organizations around the world
  • Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals in the Republic
  • Raising awareness of global processes and events among young people
If you have an idea related to international cooperation or you have a desire to develop in the field of international youth cooperation